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Manoj Barve is the head of the Organization and a pioneer in Indo-European relationships

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Our enormous network makes us a unique business partner for enterprises in Europe and India


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Dansden is one of India’s leading full service Management and Human Resource consulting firms, offering innovative and tailor-made solutions for companies looking for Market entry and expansion in the Indian and European Market. Through its technical expertise, Industry leading global expertise and extensive Network, Dansden has become the undisputed leader for cross-border business solutions.

Dansden is the official Representative of the German Mittelstand through the German Federal Association of SME’s (BVMW). We have direct access to more than 280,000 SME companies in Germany. The fact that we are also the only authorized company representing the European association of SME’s, Confédération Européenne des Associations de Petites et Moyennes Entreprises (CEA-PME) consisting of more than 1 million companies gives us an unique leading edge.

It is our mission to help our clients to transfer their company culture into new markets and succeed in the respective country. In times of Globalization we have understood how to conquer a new market.

We create difference through smooth implementation and execution as a crucial step for our clients beyond creating cutting edge strategies.

– Debashis Mitra –

The Indo-European business relationships have a long history and we want to be part of this great story.








Only authorized representative office in India of the German Federal Association of small and medium sized enterprises – The German Mittelstand

Only authorized representative office in India of the European Association of small and medium sized enterprises

Only authorized representative office in India of Germany’s largest association of business consultants, advocates and chartered accountants

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We offer tailor-made strategies for your company and on-site implementation in India and Europe.

We offer legal and compliance services tailored to fit to the needs of your entity in India.

We consult our clients in all HR related matters and identify the right people for their organization.

We provide all kind of accounting services and advise you in all tax related matters.

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