What sets us apart from other consulting companies? – The Difference

Dansden has already carved a niche for itself in the market because it is not like other Business and HR consulting companies. Dansden is the only authorized representative of the German Federal Association of  SME’s (BVMW) and CEA-PME (European Association of SME’s) in India and hence has access to  more than 1 million companies in Europe. Our strong political and business network allows our clients to benefit not only from our services but also to build up important business relevant relationships. We provide our clients all resources needed to successfully invest in India or Europe.

How Dansden Consulting can help with your business in India and Europe

Dansden Consulting has been advising and supporting foreign companies in India and Europe. Dansden can successfully mitigate the risk level by advising on diversifying their operations in various geographical areas and in new industries. In case of an economic downturn, this move can be the pivotal point that they can use for survival. Through this way, foreign companies can manipulate the opportunities available in the vast geographical breadth of India and Europe. Dansden has the infrastructure and capabilities to conduct trade missions and international networking events. Over the years, the company has successfully completed several complicated assignments in the field of foreign investment and, established a sense of credibility and strong reputation that even competitors would find hard to beat. The highly skilled professionals at Dansden are noted for their cultural competence as well. Over the years, they have been able to negotiate cross-cultural differences, varying values and believes, recognize areas of deep-seated prejudices that can create barriers for development, and accomplish practical goals for their clients. The experts at Dansden have knowledge about the people residing in India and Europe, and this knowledge would help their clients from stepping on the thorns of cross-cultural differences. The company knows how to solve problems caused by cultural impact even before they arise.