Make use of our huge repository of financial knowledge to manage your affairs

Dansden has significant expertise in a number of accounting services including taxation, advisory, assurance and business services. The professionals at our company can provide customized solutions, rather than the typical ready-made solutions provided by various others. Dansden being a global network can provide a wealth of practical advice to professional service firms from anywhere.

The services that we offer are based on a thorough understanding of both local and national business environment. We know that registering a company is a tedious process with lots of legal loopholes that may question a company’s credibility at any time. With the technical and practical experience generated by the highly talented team at Dansden, companies can make successful market entry and conduct smooth transactions in mergers and acquisitions.

The financial expertise that we offer falls into three broad categories:

  • Auditing
  • Taxation advice, international, national and regional
  • Financial consulting

Our commercial expertise can help our clients prepare the ground when they need to raise the capital for starting a business or acquiring it. We have the technical skills and necessary qualification to provide statutory audits to firms requiring the same.

Companies looking forward to international business expansion would benefit from our world-wide network, thereby giving them financial expertise and advice. For example, registering a company in one country may be a smooth process in one country, but can turn out to be tedious in another. We follow exceptional professional standards to enable:

  • Smoothly cross financial barriers faced by our clients
  • Understand commercial and industrial restrictions and work accordingly
  • Learn local taxation rules
  • Attain business compliance
  • Find out about local business laws and practices

With us, you have access to the right skills, the right people at the right time.