Market Entry into Europe

Europe has become the most important investment and overseas acquisition destination for many multinational companies. A data gathered by EICC says that Indian firms have invested US$37.9 billion on acquisition projects in Europe. Companies from within India have thus, shifted their market from within the Indian subcontinent to European markets, especially to countries like Russia, Germany and Great Britain. In spite of all this, India’s overseas investment is small, perhaps due to the uncertainties generated by a crisis involving sovereign debt. Cultural issues and differences in values and end-to-end solutions among both the entities are also other features that stand in the way of a successful investment of an Indian company in Europe. Changes in the mergers and acquisitions and investment in the automotive, ICT, manufacturing and the hospitality sector have undergone change ever since 2001. Hiring a consultancy company that has equal knowledge about investment risks and challenges in both the European Union and India would solve a chunk of problems for would-be investors.

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